Welcome to NECCI PR Roundtable

Its time for another public relations roundtable. This time better and highly innovative.

We at NECCI are excited at this edition of the PR Round-table because it is like no other you have attended in the past. It is the biggest round-table conference and we have worked relentlessly to put this together to ensure quality and contemporary content, delivery and satisfaction



THE NECCI PR ROUNDTABLE was established in 2009 specifically to provide a platform whereby Public Relations executives converge to discuss burning developmental issues as well as latest trends in the Public Relations practice.





Why you should attend a NECCI PR Roundtable Event

NECCI PR Roundtable has been an avenue through which the following benefits are shared:

  • Network with who is who in the PR profession
  • Professional development
  • Media relations
  • Product sampling: provides a platform to try-run your strategies and new initiatives
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