Venue: The Four Point Hotel, Victorial Island, Lagos
Date: 27 July 2018
Time: 10.00am prompt


In recent times, the focus has been on the youth with youth activism and empowerment globally. There is a consensus and or a tacit agreement that the key to the advancement of any nation lies in a strong workforce and human capital. One of Nigeria’s greatest asset no doubt is  its human capital. The youth form a majority of this. The World Bank President, Mr. Jim Yom Kim, has recently called for an accelerated investment in human capital in Nigeria in order to secure future economic growth. 
Again, Akinwunmi Ambode , (2014) posits that the Nigerian youth is a socio economic and human capital goldmine that can catapult Nigeria from an emerging economy to a major world economy. To achieve this we must assign to this critical demographic segment the resources for sustainable productivity.
Indeed we have witnessed an onslaught of various empowerment programs for the Nigerian youth and some of them have been very successful in providing meaningful engagement for them. However, judging by the teeming population of youth in this country, these efforts appear like a drop in the ocean. It is not enough exposing the youth to programmes supposedly aimed at empowering them without ensuring that they occupy the driver’s seat in the nation’s drive for a better future.
This has formed the basis for our choice of a youth debate. The 18th edition of the NECCI PR Roundtable is tagged: The 2018 Youth Debate-From Potential to Reality. 


  • The main focus of this debate will be in three major areas:

Inclusion. Engagement. Transformation. 

  • It  will explore strategies to foster a paradigm shift in the norm by arguing for greater inclusion of youth in the design and implementation of interventions, targeted at their socio-economic advancement and that of the nation. 
  • The Debate will examine ways of re-channelling the energy of Nigerian youth towards constructive economic development. According to Akon: “Young people have found ways of doing it better” So the debate will examine ways of engaging them to solve their own problems
  • Innovation is about finding new solutions to old problems and it is the youth who will bring these solutions. 
  • Therefore they must be guided to channel their energies through positive inclusion and engagement.
  • The outcome of this debate  will assist government and corporate organizations to deliberately plan for the inclusion of the growing youth bulge in the drivers’ seat of governance.
  • This debate will help bring to the fore those issues that confront the youth for effective planning on how to solve them.
  • This debate will also attempt to find lasting solutions to rural urban migration


An Inclusive Strategy Through NECCI Public Relations Roundtable

It is the function of public relations to analyze  trends, predict their consequences, counsel organizational leaders and implement programs of action which will serve both the organization's and the public interest.  
Therefore through a guided debate, the NECCI PR Roundtable will come up with an inclusive strategy that will engage the teeming youth population, convert their potentials into reality as well as prepare them for governance. 
We have had so many programs in the past that only listed problems, it is time to create solutions. We cannot fold our arms and continue to be in self-denial, while we watch our youth gradually degenerate into crime..

Who will be attending

The target attendees will be key opinion leaders, legislators,  women and youth ministries, members of the house of representatives, senators, corporate social responsibility influencers, as well as youth empowerment advocates. 
The program will be attended by young people, from ages 18-35 as target audience. About 1000 youth attendees are expected, most of them will be drawn from higher institutions, National Youth Service Corps and the larger society. 
The youth debate, will gather highly  experienced,  world class speakers and Public Relations consultants, alongside the best of youth opinion leaders and pace setters, to analyze and chart a new roadmap for youth inclusion and engagement.


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Venue: The Four Point Hotel, Victorial Island, Lagos
Date: 27 July 2018
Time: 10.00am prompt
Event Date & Time: 
Fri, 07/27/2018 (All day)